Book Review: Grasping at Eternity

Author:  Karen Amanda Hooper
Publisher: Starry Sky Publishing 
Release date: May 25, 2012
Age Group: YA
Genre:  Supernatrual 
Format: E-book
Source: Netgalley

Available:  Amazon / B&N 


Leave it to Maryah Woodsen to break the one rule that will screw up eternity: Never erase your memories. 

Before entering this life, Maryah did the unthinkable--she erased. Now, at seventeen years old, she's clueless that her new adoptive family has known her for centuries, that they are perpetually clueless that her new adoptive family has known her for centuries, that they are perpetually reincarnated souls, and that they have supernatural abilities.  On, and she's supposed to love (not despise) Nathan, the green-eyed daredevil who saved her life. 

Nathan is convinced his family's plan to spark Maryah's memory is hopeless, but his love for her is undying. After spending (and remembering) so many lifetimes together, being around an empty version of his soulmate is hearing shattering. He hates acting like a stalker, but has no choice because the evil outcast who murdered Maryah in their last lifetime is still after her. 

While Maryah's hunter inches closer, she and Nathan make assumptions and hide secrets that rip them further apart. Maryah has to believe in the magic within her, Nathan must have faith in the power of their love, and both need to grasp onto the truth before they lose each other forever--and discover just how lonely eternity can be. 

X-MEN meets MY NAME IS MEMORY in Karen Amanda Hooper's latest young adult release. 

As soon as I started reading Grasping at Eternity, I knew I was going to love it.  I love how the cover has Maryah laying on a white sheet with white rose pedals all over.  It even has peacock feathers on it!  Grasping at Eternity is the first book I have read by Karen A. Hooper and for sure it will not be my last.  It was beautifully written and I love that Karen describes everything with such detail. 

Maryah is your average seventeen girl.  That is, until her parents and twin brother, Michael are all murdered one night and she miraculously managed to survive the attack.  After recovering, she is told that her godmother, her mother's best friend from Sedona Arizona, wants her to move in with her and her family. Maryah hasn’t seen Louis since she was a little baby and after losing her family, she figures, where else can she go?  Once in Arizona, Maryah meets "the family." What a bunch of funny, sweet and crazy people!  There were a few times that I was a little lost because there are so many characters and it was pretty hard to keep up with them.  But after reading some more, they all stood out to me.  Everyone keeps talking about Nathan and it just makes Maryah curious as to who this boy is. Meanwhile, Maryah keeps having these weird out-of-body dreams that feel so real and are starting to freak her out.  She sees this one guy in particular, who by the way is HOT and he is with people she knows.  They also seem to be talking about stars and weird things that she has no knowledge of, but for some strange reason, feels familiar. Maryah will find out the truth about her past and whether or not she will remember it, is up to her. 

Grasping at Eternity is an amazingly well written book that I have totally fallen in love with.  It’s a good thing that the second book, Taking Back Forever, is set to release on May 31, 2013 because I could not wait a whole year to find out what happens next.  

If you are in the mood for a fast paced, unique love story with a splash of adventure, I strongly suggest you read Grasping at Eternity.  I promise, you will not be disappointed!    


  1. Thanks so much for posting a review, Ana! :)
    Taking Back Forever is coming your way. <3


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