~ From Mailbox to Shelf ~ Book Signing Edition

Bought & Personalized:

 The 5th Wave 

Last Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of meeting Rick Yancey on his book, The 5th Wave’s book launch at Books & Books in Coral Gables, Florida - about an hour and a half from my house.  After some technical difficulties, we finally got to see all 4 book trailers for The 5th Wave as Mr. Yancey described to us, in great detail, what happens in each wave.  There are 5 waves of destruction to eliminate the human race.  Let me tell you, that after the signing, I was a little scared of looking up at the night sky.  Mr. Yancey has an amazing story telling gift and even though I have not read any of his books, his story telling skills made a fan out of me. I cannot wait to read The 5th Wave.  Thank you so much Mr. Yancey for coming out to see us in Miami!

Here are a few pictures I took and of course, cupcakes were involved!  Enjoy!

Rick Yancey


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