~ Book Review: Game for Trouble by Karen Erickson (Monica Murphy) ~

Game for Trouble (Game for It, #2)
Title:  Game for Trouble
Author:  Karen Erickson (Monica Murphy)
Publisher: Entangled/Brazen
Release Date: October 28, 2013
Pages: 250
Format: E-ARC
Source:  Author/Publisher for Review
Age Group:  Adult
Genre:  Contemporary/Romance

He’ll play dirty to get what he wants… Willow Cavanaugh would be happy if she never saw cocky football star Nick Hamilton again. Sure, their fling was the hottest she’d had, but he’s way too much of a playboy to settle down with one woman. Plus, she’s got her heart set on a piece of real estate for her catering business—and Nick owns that property. Nick may be at the top of his game, but all he wants is a second chance with Willow. When he offers to sell her his commercial space if she agrees to a series of dates with him, their chemistry is so scintillating that jumping back into bed seems like an inevitability. But Willow’s decided all’s fair in sex and blackmail. Little does she know, Nick’s playing to win…and she’s the prize.
I'm so glad I decided to start reading this amazing series. Game For Marriage had me interested, but Games For Trouble had me hooked!

Willow Cavanaugh and Nick Hamilton have history. It's not your typical daisies and flowers type of story either. Let's just say that Nick crushed Willow's heart at young age of 19 and she's never been the same. The heartache of losing your first love will always do that to you. Strange that a couple of years later they happen to run into each other and all of those feelings come flying back. The feelings hadn't left, they were just hidden under everything. Nick will try everything in his power to get Willow back, he will even resort to blackmail if he has to. Willow won't easily give in especially when she holds that breakup so close to her heart.

These two first caught my eye in Game For Marriage. Always sneaking around and being pretty vague about what was going on between them. So when I found out that Mrs. Erickson had decided to do their story next, I was beyond thrilled! Not only do we get an insight as to what really happened between the two, but we also see the development of where they are headed. Willow is as stubborn as ever and I completely adore her. She tries to fight as much as she can, but honestly, you can never forget your first love.

The roles were reversed here, in the sense that the guy was the one pinning after the girl instead of the girl drooling for the guy (which there was some of that too). Willow is a strong character with pride and you can't blame her. How she was able to resist him for so long is still beyond me. Nick was such a fantastic character to read, he never gave up on what he wanted and his main target has always been to get back with Willow. I highly recommend reading Game For Trouble if you are looking to read a hot steamy read.


  1. I've been eye balling this one for awhile, glad to see it was good!! Will have to pick it up :)


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