~ YallFest 2013 Recap ~

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YallFest was an amazing experience.  I was happy just to be surrounded by some of my favorite authors, friends, books and book lovers just like me.  The trip was 9 hours, but it was worth every minute.  I was able to get all my books signed and got to meet some authors I had never met before and say hi to some I already had.  Great job to everyone that took part in that awesome event!  I can’t wait to go again next year! 

Who would've thought getting out of Florida would take so long, but driving through two other states took less than a second. (Not really but you get my point)! Even though we did have a long drive it was while worth the trip. On the way up we decided to make a pit stop in Savannah, GA and I am so glad we did. We never would have never discovered the most delicious french toast in the entire world. *le sigh* I still find myself daydreaming about those. 
On with the story and into a new state. South Carolina was so beautiful. We finally got to see some fall weather! You might make fun of us, but we NEVER get to see fall colors on our trees. That was a nice change. We got in a day early just to see where everything was going to be at and I'm glad we did. The day of the actual event was smooth sailing. We knew where everything was and got there early just because we are OCD like that. We were surprised to find out that there were still tickets to meet Veronica Roth. We had all but lost hope of actually getting those wristbands lol! Lines; there were a lot of lines! It was my first year going and I've gone to many other book events, but there were a lot more people than I expected! We had an awesome time though because while making lines we made new friends. Really that's what it's all about. We can never have enough book friends. I got to meet a lot of new authors as well as a few old favorites as well. The highlight and the sole reason of this trip (for me), was meeting Stephanie Perkins. She is quite honestly one of the most nicest person I have ever meet. Beautiful both inside and out. Words can't express how much it meant that she took the time to not only sign everybody's book, (She stayed until the very last person got their book signed. I know because I got in line for the person that was signing after her in the same spot.) but she actually interacted with her readers. From telling her how much I loved St. Clair to admitting that Anna & The French Kiss was my first contemporary read. She ended up thanking me for taking the leap into contemporary and for giving her books a chance. Can you see why I adore her!? Thank you, thank you, thank YOU Stephanie for writing such incredible books and taking the time to meet all of your readers. You truly looked genuinely happy to see us all gush about your books.

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YALLFest rocks! I had an incredible time there. It was my first time attending to YALLFest and I have been planning for a while, making my author list and buying books. After an eternity of waiting, the time came and I was eager for this huge event. I drove all the from Miami to Charleston, SC with a few friends. The road trip was exhausting, we arrived to Charleston at 5:30 am of the day of the event (the event started at 10 am). As we got to the event I started to spot a lot of authors walking around the street, it was like a dream come true! I was OMG, Oh, Ah, You know who that is? and other total fangirl quotes. I was able to meet several author, fangirl with them and go on and on about their books. One of my favorite author that I got to meet was Stephanie Perkins, she is so sweet and adorable. Braving the long lines, I bonded with other yallfesters and made new friends. The signings, the panels, the Keynote and the Smackdown were really good, the event was a bit disorganized causing a lot of confusion and huge lines. My overall experience was amazing, I had a great time with my friends. I am really glad that I got to meet all those amazing authors that we all love and I am definitely doing in it again next year!

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  1. YallFest sounds like it was tons of fun! I would have loved to meet Veronica Roth and others!


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