Book Review: The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs

The Dark Heroine: Dinner With a Vampire (The Dark Heroine, #1)Title: The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire (The Dark Heroine #1)
Author: Abigail Gibbs
Release Date:
Publisher: William Morrow/HarperCollins
Pages: 549
Source: Publisher
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal

The sexiest romance you’ll read this year…
One moment can change your life forever...
For Violet Lee, a chance encounter on a darkened street draws her into a world beyond her wildest imaginings, a timeless place of vast elegance and immeasurable wealth – of beautiful mansions and lavish parties – where a decadent group of friends live for pleasure alone. A place from which there is no matter how hard Violet tries.
Yet all the riches in the world can’t mask the darkness that lies beneath the gilded surface, embodied in the charismatic but dangerous Kaspar Varn.
Violet and Kaspar surrender to a passion that transcends their separate worlds – but it’s a passion that comes at a price...

What a refreshing new take on vampires! Warning: these vampires don't play nice and they bite. I adored this story.  I was a little skeptical going into it because I was like, "ah, another vampire book!"  But I couldn't be more wrong.  Although it was a little slow here or there, it was a fantastic read and I am so happy I read it.  

Violet is just a normal girl from London, except her father is the Secretary of Defense and obviously in the political spotlight.  Then one night as she was walking the streets of London, she witnesses what seem like vampires attack a group of men.  As she is trying to leave, one of the vampires, Kaspar hears her and kidnaps her.  She has seen too much and the secret of their existence is at risk if they let her go.  Violet is taken to this beautiful mansion surrounded by a forest.  I think Abigail did such an amazing job describing this world that I could actually picture everything Violet was experiencing for the first time. 

I loved the characters, except for the obvious villains of course, which by the way I wanted to hurt myself. Kaspar, the main male protagonist, was really mean to violet in the beginning and everything he played those mind games with her, I just wanted to slap him.  I now understand why, but still wanted to smack him none-the-less.  Violet was everything I wanted a female character to be - strong and a fighter. She never gave up.  

The Dark Heroine is a great first installment to a series that will capture all of its readers hearts. It has everything us readers ask for and it will keep us guessing until the very end and with many surprises through out the way.  There is love, suspense, hot vampires, and a magical world that fell in love with. I can not tell you enough how excited I am to have read this book.  Stay tuned for my review next month on the second book, Autumn Rose!  I can't wait to dive into it already!!!


  1. Oh oh oh this makes me very very excited! I've been weighing up how soon to read The Dark Heroine after I heard of it's sequel and you've made me very eager, eek! I haven't read any Vampire books, so I'm hoping that book will start off my journey with a bang! Fantastic review Ana! :)

    Who Wore it Better #3

  2. I am a bit vampired-out too, but this vampire book sounds great. :)


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