Author Spotlight + Interview: M.D. Waters

It's finally April . . . Our BLOGOVERSARY month!!

And it wouldn't be a party without the lovely M.D.Waters.

FYI Archetype has been my favorite read of 2014 so far.
It's just one of those books that stays with you even after you read the last page! 

Okay, getting back on track now. Sometimes authors have crazy deadlines and I just want to thank you again Misty for agreeing to answer my questions. 

M.D. Waters lives in Maryland with her husband and two boys. She is a closet Housewives watcher, a wannabe goth-surfer with a side of nunchuck skills, and writes in her pj's.

Oh, and she tweets too much.

Q. Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

The biggest challenge was getting an agent. After that, I didn’t necessarily have any, unless you count having to write the second novel I was contracted for. There was a lot of pressure to prove I wasn’t a one-book gal to both my agent and editor. I’ve written a lot of other books, but none like Archetype, so I was completely freaked.

Q. Who was the easiest and hardest character to write?

Dr. Travista was the easiest to write. I almost felt as if I sat in the room with him and Emma, watching him fiddle with his glasses, or type in his tablet. Of all the characters, he has the simplest motives for everything he does.

Emma was the hardest by far. I had the worst time trying to keep track of what SHE knew versus what I knew, and what everyone ELSE knew. I thought it would get easier when she faced Noah and Foster, but it only got harder because they couldn’t exactly come out and say what they all knew. The story would have ended right there at the gallery, and what fun would that have been?

Q. Which phrase in the book are you most proud of?

I have SO many. If I have to choose, there’s one short paragraph that I kept out of an entire scene I deleted just because I couldn’t part with it. I built the entire new scene around it.

“His grip is too firm. He holds on to me, but I am merely water sliding over stone and no matter how hard he tries to keep me, I will soon be gone. At least I feel this fleeting. Like glass blown to its thinnest point. Beautiful and shining and solid. Delicate. Shatterable.”

Q. Without giving too much away, can you describe your favorite scene in Archetype?

Easy! The gallery scene where Emma and Noah talk privately. Man. It’s so intense. It was so hard to write, though, that I left it out of the original submission to my agent. She later came back asking if I could add a little more Noah/Emma to the gallery scene. I just happened to have the entire thing saved, so it was pretty easy to slide back in. The hard part was making sure neither of them said too much to the other.

Q. Emma has it pretty tough, do you think you could survive in her world?

Heck yes, I could. Maybe. I’d sure as hell try.

Q. I remember you saying you watched Vampire Academy. So who's more badass, Noah or Dimitri Belikov?

For the record, this isn’t a fair question. Sigh. Dimitri. But to be clear, the book version, not the movie version. Noah kicks movie version Dimitri’s ass. :)

Quick-Fire Round Q's

Facial hair or clean shaven

Facial hair

Sweet or spicy


Call or text


Sci-Fi or fantasy


Bradley Cooper or David Gandy

(Again, not a fair question.) Bradley Cooper

Archetype  Prototype

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