Author Spotlight + Interview: Stacey Kade

We'll be celebrating all 30 days of April!!!! And today we have Stacey Kade joining us.

I just want everyone to know that Alona and Will from The Ghost & The Goth series are one of my favorite bickering-fictional-characters. Those two together are a riot. Kinda like:

Thank you Stacey for taking time out of your schedule to answer my questions.

As a former award-winning corporate copywriter, Stacey Kade has written about everything from backhoe loaders to breast pumps. But she prefers to make things up instead.

She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Greg, and their two retired racing greyhounds, Tall Walker (Walker) and SheWearsThePants (Pansy).

Q. What's the most exciting thing you've done in the name of research?

I took a kickboxing class for six weeks for book research. Then I ended up loving it and kept going for two years!

Q. What inspired you to write your first book?

My very first book, one that was never published, I wrote just to see if I could do it. Then I was hooked. :)

I wrote The Ghost and the Goth originally for my sister who was a senior in high school at the time. YA was just taking off (back in '07), and I wanted to write something I thought she'd enjoy. Plus, the characters were just so much fun. They were in my head for months before I actually started writing.

Q. Did you always intend for your stories to be a series? How did that aspect evolve?

With The Ghost and the Goth, no. I wasn't sure there would be interest in a series, even though I had ideas for additional books! Lucky for me, people wanted to read more about Will and Alona. :)

The Project Paper Doll books (The Rules, The Hunt, Untitled Book 3) were always intended to be a series. Too much story to fit into one book. :)

Q. Will we ever see Alona or Will again? I miss those two.

Yes! I'm actually writing a new scene with them right now. Readers who order The Rules or pre-order The Hunt will get exclusive access to the scene! Details are here:

Q. The Hunt is releasing soon, like next month to be exact, what can we expect?

Oh, with The Hunt, everything is changing. :) Ariane and Zane are truly on their own for the first time and they're on the run. But they're going to meet a few new people, including a relative or two. But they don't know whether these people can be trusted.

And Zane is big-time questioning his role in all of this, the value he brings to Ariane, who, let's face it, is scary efficient on her own most of the time.

Q. You're stranded on an island, what three books would be by your side?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Avalon High by Meg Cabot

Quick Fire Round Q's

Board games or video games

Board games

Pancakes or waffles


Star Wars or Star Trek

Ooooh, I can't choose. They're both such a huge part of my upbringing and my life. Nope, sorry! Both.

Personal chef or personal fitness trainer

Personal chef
The Ghost and the Goth (The Ghost and the Goth, #1)  Queen of the Dead (A Ghost and the Goth Novel)  Body & Soul (The Ghost and the Goth #3)
 The Rules (Project Paper Doll, #1)  The Hunt (Project Paper Doll, #2)
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