Picture Scavenger Hunt: New York Edition!

Hey Owls, can you guys believe that BEA is just 4 days away?!

I swear it feels like I was just booking my flight two days ago. I can't believe May has crept up. I'm not mentally prepared for all the epicness that will be NY and BEA. This will be mine (Andy) and Daisel's first time in New York as well as our first time at BEA, so you can pretty much expect us to be flailing at everything. It's an Owl thing lol! Even though we are all making our list for BEA, (meaning I'm doing the list and they just copy/paste it lol), we wanted to take some down time a incorporate something fun to our adventure. OABR has decided to do a scavenger hunt in the big apple! Nothing crazy of course because all in all our heads will be pretty much filled up with all things BEA. Can you blame us?

Down below is our list, if you want to join in on the fun just let us know down in the comments and we will add you to our group. :)

You have to be IN the picture
No particular order to the hunt
We all can have different answers, but it has to be something related to the clue.
Follow us on IG @OwlAlwaysBeReading and use #OABRHuntInNY
AND if you are not able to finish/find all the clues, that is fine! Remember this is just to have fun and share with fellow bookworms :)

Now you may ask, but what do I win? Like I told the other girls... nothing! LOL! We are doing this for pure fun and entertainment. Don't forget if you need help on a clue @ us on Twitter or leave a comment below! ;)

*If you happen to finish off the list first you get gloating rights! That's what you win. ;)

Thanks to these amazing girls for wanting to join in on the fun:

Lexi at Lexi Swoons

I hope some of you guys decide to jump in and join our craziness. :D


  1. Oh how fun!! I don't know if I will have much time to get all these done but this is a great, fun idea!

    1. You don't have to do all of them. It's just a fun idea incase you find yourself having time to do them. ;)

  2. I'm in! Fantastic idea owlites!

  3. Yay! BEA!!! I just might have to try to do this! Such a cute idea. I hope I get to meet you guys in NYC! :)

  4. I read "cup that can't hold water" and immediately thought: bra. This is where my mind goes to late at night...>.> Oh dear.

    1. Hey we don't object lol! You do what you want with the phrase. ;)

  5. Sounds like fun! I may try to do that. Hope that I get to meet you at BEA!!!!


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