True Life: The Life of a Fangirl

Being a fangirl can be perceive as many things. For me it’s a way of life. Literally. I've had the great pleasure of meeting so many amazing people because of the different fandoms.  Whether it be book related, a certain TV show (or 10 lol), music or movies, we all seem to become obsessed with something and I, for one, love it! I sometimes question the things I've done that are fandom related, but you don’t see me regretting them. I was living in the moment and there is no better feeling than that. This brings me to the point of this whole post. Why do people always feel the need to judge others for what they love?

I am one odd person especially when it comes to music. I can go from hearing Linkin Park to BSB to Biggie to Maroon 5 to The Cab to Britney to Eminem to Spice Girls to Trina to Bastille. Just from that you can tell, my music preference isn't your norm. Why stick to one thing when music speaks to us in different levels? Going through a break-up? You can’t go wrong with Adele’s 21 or Any T.Swift song. Having a bad day and fell like raging? Anything Eminem is worthy and let’s throw in Limp Bizit's Break Stuff. Day made. 

Books: I've seen a lot of judging eyes recently with the Fifty trailer. I hadn't read FSoG until recently, but I had read MoTU. If you don’t know what that is well let’s just say I read Fifty during it’s fanfic days. The shaming people are throwing to those fans is what essentially the reason for this post. I can’t say I love the book, but who am I to tell someone else “You have horrible taste!” I’m the only one of the Owls that reads historical fiction and you don’t see them criticize me because of it. Some people love dystopian, others can’t get enough contemporary. What I’m trying to say is that no matter what, we should be glad people are actually reading! I've had my share of hate during the Twilight days. To this day, I still love that book. It introduced me to reading again and brought me to a place I never thought I would be at. You have to give credit where it’s due and Stephenie Meyer was a very big influence to the YA community. Yes, we had HP before and J.K Rowling is queen, but it wasn't until the Twilight hype that the industry took notice. 

Being a fangirl is hard work. You laugh, but it really is lol! You wanna support a book to movie film so you go to the mall tours they have. Let me tell you those things are time consuming, exhausting, but of so worth it. People will think you are crazy, but I love the feeling of them because you are literally spending hours with other fans. Screenings are even better! My favorite screening by far has to be Breaking Dawn Part 2. I was going in with the lows expectations ever because we all know how that book played out. I've NEVER (even after going to watch it a couple of more times in theaters) heard screams like that from the people in the theaters. People were on the floor freaking out!! I’m being very vague, but it’s because it’s my tendency to not spoil anything. Even though both the books and the films have been out for awhile lol! It’s the best experience I've had watching a film. 

I have the same experience when I go to a concert. I love singing along to all the songs and that moment when you look out into the crowd and see everybody singing along gives me chills. I love going to see Paramore and having butterflies in your stomach because they might bring you up on stage to sing Misery Business with them or going to a Coldplay concert and having the privilege of getting to be front and center when they go to the second stage.  Or even when you’re at a book signing and Tahereh Mafi remembers who you are because you gush on twitter so much over her books. 

Book signings are some of my favorite things to do. You get there early and chit chat with a few other people, listen to the author talk about her piece of work and realize that the book has made such an impact on so many people. It’s always so much more fun when we get to the Q&A part of it because that’s when you realize how much this author is someone you can probably be best friends with. Case in point Cora Carmack, Tahereh Mafi, Jennifer L. Armentrout.   

Be a fangirl, own it! Who cares if someone wants to hate, as long as you’re happy nothing else matters. I have come to find some of my best friends because I was passionate about something that they too love. I can freak out with someone about Reign, The Originals, PLL or Scandal. Have a discussion about The Lux series, swoon over Rush from Fallen Too Far and spas out over the Bloodlines series. Quote Mean Girls, talking about The Avengers or sing along to Hairspray. We all have different taste and that’s the best because that just means you guys can totally rec me something new! 

On that note: What are you passionate about? Do you get teased because of it? Do you care? Do you stay away from certain books, movies, etc. if it’s getting hate or because it’s too hyped up? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you guys. :)


  1. Thank you for finally saying this! I can't stand how much hate goes around because of people's conflicting tastes. It's really upsetting when I see someone relentlessly bash on a series or show they didn't like with no regard for the feelings of those who may actually enjoy it. It's because of hate like that that I always feel the need to keep my unpopular opinions to myself, and sometimes that can be really disheartening.


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