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Title: In a Handful of Dust (Not a Drop to Drink #2)
Author: Mindy McGinnis
Publication Date: September 23, 2014
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 384
Formats: Hardcover, audio, eBook
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Dystopian

The only thing bigger than the world is fear.
Lucy’s life by the pond has always been full. She has water and friends, laughter and the love of her adoptive mother, Lynn, who has made sure that Lucy’s childhood was very different from her own. Yet it seems Lucy’s future is settled already—a house, a man, children, and a water source—and anything beyond their life by the pond is beyond reach.
When disease burns through their community, the once life-saving water of the pond might be the source of what’s killing them now. Rumors of desalinization plants in California have lingered in Lynn’s mind, and the prospect of a “normal” life for Lucy sets the two of them on an epic journey west to face new dangers: hunger, mountains, deserts, betrayal, and the perils of a world so vast that Lucy fears she could be lost forever, only to disappear in a handful of dust.
In this companion to Not a Drop to Drink, Mindy McGinnis thrillingly combines the heart-swelling hope of a journey, the challenges of establishing your own place in the world, and the gripping physical danger of nature in a futuristic frontier.

Mindy McGinnis is an assistant YA librarian who lives in Ohio and cans her own food. She graduated from Otterbein University magna cum laude with a BA in English Literature and Religion. Mindy has a pond in her back yard but has never shot anyone, as her morals tend to cloud her vision.

Top 5 all time favorite book-to-movie adaptation.

Sometimes… but not always. Yes, as a librarian, reader and author you probably don’t expect to hear that come out of my mouth. But occasionally (and just occasionally) there are those moments when the movie just might be better than the book. Or in the very least it offers true-to-the-content moving, colored, talking rendition of what played in my head while I was reading.
I’ve been asked to come up with five examples of this. It took some time, but I managed.

Gone with the Wind    VS    

Gone With the Wind

Don’t shoot me. I think the book is pretty darn awesome, but Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable snapping sparks at each other will forever be a part of my childhood, and adulthood, and the point in my life where I don’t care anymore and sit around in my underwear marathoning old movies and eating Oreos by the package.

Fight Club   VS   "FIGHT CLUB" is embossed on a pink bar of soap in the upper right. Below are head-and-shoulders portraits of Brad Pitt facing the viewer with a broad smile and wearing a red leather jacket over a decorative blue t-shirt, and Edward Norton in a white button-up shirt with a tie and the top button loosened. Norton's body faces right and his head faces the viewer with little expression. Below the portraits are the two actors' names, followed by "HELENA BONHAM CARTER" in smaller print. Above the portraits is "MISCHIEF. MAYHEM. SOAP."

Fight Club

This one comes with the disclaimer that I watched the movie before reading the book. Without the jaw-dropping “Huh? What?” impact of the big reveal, the book felt more like a faithful version of the movie. But I can’t go back in time and make the book my first experience of the plot, so I’ve got to stick with the movie packing the big punch.

The Princess Bride    VS    

The Princess Bride

If you’ve ever tried to read William Goldman’s book, you quickly find out that not everything is as you wish. Or maybe it’s just because I want to see Cary Elwes in his glorious youth at all times. Like right now would be awesome.
Alice in Wonderland (Ladybird Classics)   VS     

Alice In Wonderland

Once upon a time, in a land called 1985, there was a miniseries that came pretty damn close to capturing the trippy-dippy qualities of Lewis Carroll’s creepy-ass original narrative. Watch Ringo Starr singing while dressed up as a mock turtle, see Sammy Davis Jr. tapdance through forehead-high mushrooms, and hear Jonathan Winter’s Humpty Dumpty crack wide open when the Jabberwocky knocks him off his wall.

The Green Mile    VS    

The Green Mile

Granted, most movies based on Stephen King’s works don’t live up to the first few paragraphs, let alone surpass the book in brilliance. But The Green Mile is kind of perfect. From the dead-on set to the pitch-perfect cast, just about everything in this movie works for me. Including the mouse.

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  1. I do have to agree that on the rare occassion the movie. My choice would be Forrest Gump.

  2. I love Forrest Gump the movie)! I never read the book though. :/

  3. I think The Princess Bride is one of the best book-to-movie adaptions I've ever seen. LOTR is right up there, too. :)

  4. The books are absolutely beautiful, I love the concept of them! There isn't really any books out there like them and I really love that! I cannot wait to mead the new installment!


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