Book Review: Living the Dream (Whitman University #5) by Lyla Payne

Living the Dream (Whitman University #5)
Title: Living the Dream (Whitman University #5)
Author: Lyla Payne
Expected publication: November 25th 2014
Format: ARC
Source: Author
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Romance

An unfortunate and embarrassing incident that precipitated Audra Stuart’s breakup last winter sent her scurrying for cover, unwilling to show her face again at Whitman University. When her roommate Blair Paddington tracks her down and learns what happened, she convinces Audra that letting her jackass ex win is not the answer…but that maybe going to Sebastian Blair for help just might be. Sebastian has established a reputation of being the guy without scruples—the one who can get you what you want, no questions asked. For a price. His price for Audra Stuart? Pretend to be his girlfriend so he can legitimize himself and maybe snag a job from one of his “friends” before graduation.To get her friends (and his) to buy the ruse the two of them have to get in deep—so deep that they forget they’re supposed to be pretending. Sebastian Blair is about to fall hard, but he can’t help but worry. Because the girl he loves is bound to learn he was behind the incident that sent her tumbling his direction in the first place.

Opening line: "New York City is as awe inspiring as everyone claims but I didn't expect it to be so dirty."
 First thought after closing the book: Perfect ending is perfect! 
 Thoughts on the cover: The guy isn't exactly MY Sebastian, but I do like it. 
 Is it a standalone/series?: Standalone. 
 Do you have to read the book(s) before?: Yes and no. We see pretty much every character from the previous books, but this can be read as a standalone as you won't be lost to what's going on.

Living The Dream was so much more than I thought it would be. I’ve been waiting for Sebastian story for what seems like years. He’s always lurked in the background bad boy image in full effect, but I just knew that was one of many layers that he had on. Everyone has secrets and things that weigh on them. Sebastian is no different. Enter Audra, she’s what you may call the all around good girl. She comes from a family with money, keeps up good appearances and has never been seen with a guy with a reputation like Sebastian. Well that is until a rather embarrassing event happens and sends her off into hiding.  Her best friend Blair finds her and tells her that hiding is not the answer. Audra has two options: Stay put and leave things as they are or make a deal with the devil himself and get out of this bind she has found herself in. The scheming, lies and betrayals all come with a heavy price, but Sebastian is willing to put everything on the line for the next big plan he has up his sleeve. 

This story deserves more than 5 owls, but considering that’s the highest possible ranking I can give it will go with that. Not only do all of the previous characters make cameos, but we finally get to dive into Sebastian’s story. I did not expect this pairing, but let me tell you guys does it work! The chemistry between Audra and Sebastian is off the charts. They collide in the most unlikely of ways, yet it works for them. I really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but I honestly couldn't get enough of this book. Let’s just say I finished it in about three hours. ;)  

Living The Dream has to be my favorite book of the series and with good reason! Payne’s writing is truly a breath of fresh air especially in the New Adult world where everything seems to be a repeat of the last "it" book. I seriously cannot recommend the Whitman University series enough. Each story is unique in its own way and you will instantly fall in love with these amazing characters. 

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