Book Review: Two of Hearts by Christina Lee

22023032Title: Two of Hearts
Author: Christina Lee
Publisher: NAL Trade
Release Date: May 5th, 2015
Pages: 304
Format: e-ARC
Source: Publisher
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
A gripping standalone adult contemporary romance about finding yourself while taking a second chance at your first love…

Dakota Nakos was always the resilient, strong-willed achiever. But when her father dies and she’s entrusted with the family’s casino, she feels vulnerable, scared, and more than a little emotional —not exactly the best time to see an old lover she’s never really gotten over.

Dakota once meant the world to Shane Garrity. Then suddenly he left town to train as a U.S. Marshal, and their love for each other crashed into a memory. Now he’s come home for her father’s funeral, and one look at the girl he left behind stirs up both memories and regrets, and reignites a fire he feared he’d lost forever.

Dakota may be the same driven girl she always was, but she’s also changed in ways neither could have anticipated. She’s not just a young woman searching for own identity in the Native American community in which she was raised, but one questioning her new life outside her father’s shadow. Above all she wonders if Shane can push past her weakened defenses to rekindle what they once had, or whether the intense blaze between them will ultimately reduce her heart to ashes.

Simply beautiful. A lovely story that melted my heart and had me shedding happy tears. I truly enjoyed this book, practically devoured it. I felt overwhelmed with emotions and I connected with all the characters. I've read Christina Lee’s books before so I already know that she always delivers amazing stories and swoony boys. 

Dakota and Shane share some history in the past. Their previous relationship did not end in good terms for neither of them. A tragedy in Dakota’s family brings them together once more and it is obvious that they still feel something for each other. Dakota is a very strong woman just like her mom. She is smart and lovable. I fell in love with her character the minute I met her. Shane is also strong, he is sexy and possessive. He protect the ones he cares about the most. I am in love with him.  

Romance? There is a lot of romance in this book. Every time Shane and Dakota are together, little sparks of fire fly everywhere. The connection and chemistry between these two is insane. The sex scenes were to die for. They were perfect. 

There is an element of mystery in the story. Although I suspected that something else had happened, I wouldn't have thought about that twist. The characters in this book were memorable and I like that. The plot and the pacing were perfect. The story developed at the right pace with the right amount of information. Christina Lee writes beautifully. She makes me fall in love with all of her stories and characters. Bottom line, I absolutely love this book. Are you looking for good romance, mystery and a lot of action? You will be not be disappointed by this book. 


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