Book Review: Begging For It (Asking For It #2) by Lilah Pace

Title: Begging For It (Asking For It #2)
Author: Lilah Pace
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Pages: 341
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Jonah and Vivienne’s erotic bond—living out raw scenarios of captivity and force—began as no-strings sex between strangers who shared the same desires. Now the intimacy between them is turning into love, but it’s a love built on fantasies so extreme that exploring them makes guilt inescapable. But the risks they're taking are far more dangerous than they'd imagined.

A stalker is terrorizing the city, and one of Jonah’s ex-lovers names him as a potential suspect to the police. Standing by a man under suspicion could cost Vivienne everything. But when Jonah’s stepfather takes advantage of the scandal to seize control of the Marks family fortune, Vivienne is drawn into her lover’s broken family and twisted past. Only then will she learn how dark the truth really is.
As with Asking For It, Begging For It contains non consensual sex fantasies, but if you’ve already read Asking For It, then no biggie.

Let's first discuss this gorgeous cover. Begging For It, is the second book in the Asking For It duology. I read asking for it as an eARC and thoroughly enjoyed it. I received Begging For It in paperback form. Both covers are to die for. I am desperate to get my hands on the paperback of Asking For It so that I can put them together on my bookshelf and have them look stunning together.

Now let's talk about how Lilah Pace picked up immediately where she left off in Asking For It. I love when an author does this. I don't like when time has passed and I have missed pieces of the story that are then revealed to me later on. No, just start the damn book where you left off and keep it moving.

What I especially loved about this book was that Vivienne was not broken by how the end of Asking For It played out. She is still the strong female character who will not allow her past break her, and who will not allow her present to break her either. I'm trying not to have spoilers in this review, which is hard, because this is the second book in a series. However, I will say that Asking For It did not have a happily ever after ending. In Begging For It, Vivienne is still going to therapy, which might be a spoiler but not a huge one. She is still in therapy for her original reason, and naturally she has more things to discuss now with her doctor because of events that played out with Jonah.

Beggin For It is just as well written as Asking For It. I love the way that Lilah Pace gives a very accurate, for me, portrayal of what a person going through therapy would discuss with their doctor. I also love how true to her characters she stays, and how realistic the actions of our protagonist are. Sometimes when you read a contemporary romance the main characters can make decisions that are clearly based in fantasy. Decisions that would clearly not play out in the "real world". This book is definitely not one of those. Jonah and Vivienne definitely make choices throughout the book that are choices we, as readers living in the "real world", would make.

Lilah Pace threw some surprises in this book that I was not expecting, and that made me very happy. The ending of this book also made me exceedingly happy. It was perfect in all of its imperfection. If you are looking for a nice, neat wrapped up ending, you are not going to get it. You will however get the most realistic ending you could ask for, making it, in my eyes, perfect in every way.

I look forward to more books by this phenomenal author.


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