Book Review: One by Sarah Crossan


Author: Sarah Crossan
Publication Date: September 15, 2015
Publisher: Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins
Pages: 400
Format: e-ARC
Source: Edelweiss
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary

Tippi and Grace share everything—clothes, friends . . . even their body. Writing in free verse, Sarah Crossan tells the sensitive and moving story of conjoined twin sisters, which will find fans in readers of Gayle Forman, Jodi Picoult, and Jandy Nelson.
Tippi and Grace. Grace and Tippi. For them, it’s normal to step into the same skirt. To hook their arms around each other for balance. To fall asleep listening to the other breathing. To share. And to keep some things private. The two sixteen-year-old girls have two heads, two hearts, and each has two arms, but at the belly, they join. And they are happy, never wanting to risk the dangerous separation surgery.
But the girls’ body is beginning to fight against them. And soon they will have to face the impossible choice they have avoided for their entire lives.
This is such a great book!  I literally finished it in 24 hours.  ONE is so different from other books I have recently read.  It's a great fast read that will capture your heart and having you thinking about even way after finishing it.  I first heard about it on Twitter after one of my bookish friends had just finished it and said her heart was breaking because of it.  So you know I just had to look it up and find a way to get my hands on a copy.  Luckily, Edelweiss had it and since I am auto-approved for Harper, I got it! It took me a while to actually start it because I am such a mood reader.  I  have to be in the mood to read certain books.

Tippi and Grace are conjoined twins.  They have been since birth and even though the doctors said they wouldn't live long, they are now 16 and in high school.  Goes to show just how strong these two girls are that they managed to beat the odds.  ONE is told in Grace's POV, and I absolutely love her voice.  The chapters are super short, which made me read faster for some reason. Tippi and Grace are starting a new school and worried that the other students would stare and make fun of them because they are so different.  You know how kids can be so mean when someone doesn't look "normal" to them.  Luckily they meet Jon and Yasmeen, who are awesome and instantly become Tippi and Grace's friends.

Tippi and Grace's life at home isn't great.  This made me feel even more sad for them.  I really just wanted to hug them and tell them just how strong they truly are.  Then for some unforeseen reason, which I am not spoiling, they decide to do a reality show based on their lives.  This is definitely something they never wanted to have to do, but like I said, under the circumstances, they figured it was the only way out.  It's only shortly after they start filming that they receive some horrible news. Again, not telling.  Just know that my heart hurt for them.

As an only child, I have never known what it is like to have sibling.  But, I see how other siblings interact with each other and even though they are "bonded" by the blood that runs through their veins, it doesn't compare to the bond that conjoining twins have.  Most rather die then be separated and the ones that do, feel like there is a piece missing from them after the procedure, that is if they even survive.  I have never really thought about conjoining twins, until I read ONE.  But the bond that they have between each other is something to be admired.  ONE is such a great book.  I hope my review convinced you to give it a shot.  I am so glad I did.


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