Book Review: Autumn's Kiss (Autumn Falls #2) by Bella Thorne

Autumn's Kiss (Autumn Falls, #2)Autumn's Kiss (Autumn Falls #2)
Author: Bella Thorne
Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Pages: 240
Source: ALA Annual/Publisher
Format: ARC/Paperback
Age Group: Middle Grade
Genre: Contemporary Romance


The second novel in the new series by teen star Bella Thorne!
Everyone knows how crazy junior year is, but Autumn Falls never imagined it would be so flirty. The wish-granting diary her father left her stopped working, leaving Autumn to decode what’s going on with her and Sean on her own. He seems into her . . . and he also seems into Reenzie. And when JJ steps up and tells Autumn he’s the one she should be with if she wants someone who really cares about her and a pop star makes a major play for her, Autumn is totally confused. Her friends have Big Drama issues going on too, and Autumn wants to be there for them. Then something mind-blowing happens. She’s suddenly given an incredible crazy-fun opportunity: a map that takes her anyplace she wants to go. At first it seems like an amazing gift. But showing up IRL where you’re least expected has life-changing consequences. Is Autumn ready to handle the fallout? 

The first time I laid eyes on this book I didn’t think it was going to be that good of a book. I thought this because the author was an actor and singer so I didn’t really think she would be able to portray the story line well. I’m going to be very honest and say that I was very wrong. Bella Thorne is an amazing author. In the book, a girl named Autumn has to deal with the loss of her father. Dealing with this is hard but her dad has left her with a very special gift. This gift allows her to go to anyone or anyplace that she wants. 

The last time she used one of the gifts her dad gave her, she ended up in hot water! She fought through it and in the mix of fighting she found some really great friends who came through to her, especially two boys named Sean and JJ. These two boys are in love with her and this but story soon develops into a love square when a girl named Reenzie decides she is going to be the one who ends up with Sean.  As the war continues she finds herself falling in love with neither Sean or JJ but with famous singer Kyler Leeds, but is soon let down when she hears she is not the only one…

But this setback doesn’t make her weaker or stop trying. Autumn is very persistent and continues to practice her gift. As we all know, practice makes perfect! This book is full of the powerful message of inspiration and perseverance. The characters in the book remind me of my friends. And the way the author does this is by the showing the characters behaviors during the good and bad times in their lives. I really believe in the message Autumn’s dad left her concerning bringing peace and happiness to their little corner of the world. However, just be aware that sometimes using a “magic” tool can lead to trouble! 


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