Book Review: Seduction Game (I-Team #7) by Pamela Clare

Seduction Game (I-Team, #7)Seduction Game (I-Team #7)
Author: Pamela Clare
Publication Date: October 20, 2015
Publisher: Intermix/Berkley
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Suspense/Romance


The acclaimed author of Striking Distance returns with more danger, intrigue, and I-Team action...
CIA officer Nick Andris wants revenge. His last mission failed after a Georgian arms smuggler killed his lover. He’s been tailing a woman for three weeks hoping she will lead him to his target. But there’s a problem with the intel. Holly Elise Bradshaw is nothing more than an entertainment writer with a love for sex and designer clothes. Clearly someone at Langley made a mistake . . .
When Holly finds herself in trouble, the only weapons at her disposal are her brains and her body. But they won’t be enough to handle the man who’s following her. He’s going to turn her world upside-down. 
He forgot he didn't really want to kiss her, because, oh, hell yes, he did. He forgot his mission, the entire reason he was here. He forgot everything but the feel and taste and scent of her...

Hands down this book is a complete package! I always love a good story line full of realistic characters, suspenseful romance, and heart-breaking emotions that keep you interested and attached. This book will not disappoint in any aspect what so ever. It has been a while that I have read a book that had me completely emerged in emotions. I felt hot, bothered, shocked, and I even cried at certain parts of this beautiful read. I promise you, this book is worth every penny and every minute spent reading it.  Pamela Clare did a phenomenal job in this last book to her I-Team series. Now let's get to the juicy parts and discuss the beautiful characters that will melt your heart away....

Holly Elise Bradshaw: Works for Denver Independent as an entertainment reporter. She is known by all as the beautiful, fashion forward, lover of shoes, free spirited all around girl. She is adventurous and clear to the point. I love the fact that she is who she is and she doesn't apologize for her behavior. Holly knows what she wants, and she takes no prisoners! I personally admire her because she is a modern women who doesn't care about what others think about her.
Nick Andris: Hot, hotter, and hottest character in this book! Hands down a sexy, strong, eye candy must be mine type of guy. He is a CIA agent from the Special Activities Division. He is a man who has been through a great deal of loss. His fiance is murdered in an operation gone wrong two years before and now he is given the task to investigate a reporter who has ties to a criminal kingpin (Holly)!! His mission is to get close and try to obtain information. However, things between these two get's complicated FAST... Nick has what Holly likes looks, a hard beautiful body, and a badass type of personality that can have any girl begging for his attention. But this assignment is not easy for Nick. As much as he likes his assignment, he finds that the CIA doesn't provide much training on using your cock as a tool for counterintelligence! This part totally blows my mind away. But despite his lack of knowledge and training, Nick goes in on the kill and pursues his assignment.

Life in this suspenseful romance gets complicated fairly quickly. After a series of misdirection and misunderstandings, Holly and Nick are on the run. They find themselves not knowing who their enemies and who truly are their allies. They find themselves  alone and they only have each other to solve the mystery and conspiracy targeting their lives! Fortunately for them and for us, Pamela Clare brings back characters from the previous books to help provide us with a fuller picture of this story. Kara, Julian, Reece, Tessa, Gabe, Sophie, Javier, and Natalie are a few of the characters brought back in this last read to provide an appearance to mesh this whole story line together. I loved the fact that Holly's friends come back when she is in trouble and I loved that they all played a role in trying to help her during her ordeal. I especially went crazy to see how much they protected Holly when she first meet Nick.  I don't want to give to much away, so I will end my review with a quote that will give insight to this magnificent read: "He was a five-alarm-fire sexual fantasy of a man."   


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