Happy Halloween From All the Owls!!!

Hi everyone!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!  The Owls want to wish you all a fun and safe Halloween! Are any of you dressing up? If you are, tell us what you plan on dressing up as.  We love to hear about it!  

The Addams Family Book Tag
This Book Tag was created by Hannah over at Hannah booksandbeauty

1. Morticia Addams the mother and witch.
What is your favorite witch book?

2.Gomez Addams is a loving father.
Who is your favorite fictional dad?
This was a tricky one. There are not too many books that I have read that have great father figures in them. I do love Mr. Weasley though!

3. Uncle Fester Addams can generate electricity.
What books makes you light up so much that you can't stop yourself talking about it?
There are so many books that I read and want to talk about. These books change as the wind blows, as I am constantly reading new books! So here is the book that I am currently reading and can't stop talking about with my friends.

4.Wednesday Addams is obsessed with death.
If you could have killed off a character in any book who would it have been?
The character I hated the most in my entire life was Dolores Umbridge. 

5. Pugsley Addams has a vicious nature and plays nasty pranks on everyone.
Who is your favorite villain?

6. Lurch is based on Frankenstein and a zombie.
What is your favorite adaptation of a book?
This Beauty and The Beast adaptation was amazing!

7. Grandma is an old classic witch.
What is your favorite old classic horror story?
I really have not read any classics, let alone horror classics.

8. Show us some of your horror books.
I don't typically read horror books, I get scared WAY too easily! However, I adored this book so much even though it had my heart racing and gave me nightmares!

9. What are you going as for Halloween this year?
I got sick just in time for Halloween, so no trick or treating for me. I was planning on going as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alice in Wonderland. So here is a throwback Halloween photo!

10. Favorite Halloween film?
I used to love Hocus Pocus when I was younger!


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