Boston ALA Midwinter 2016 Recap!

Hello Owls!  I know I am sort of late in posting my ALA Midwinter 2016 recap, but better late then never! Right? 

I don't really have that many pictures to share with you to be honest, because if you have ever been to a book convention, you know it can be pretty hectic and snapping pictures is pretty hard. The important thing is that Maribel and I had a blast and that is all that matters!  I hope you enjoy!

Me, Maribel & Flo



So we get to the hotel and get settled in.  We were all exhausted from working all day and the 4 hour flight to Boston.  I knew that we weren't going to have time to stop anywhere and get water for our room, so I brought some with me from home.  Our hotel gave us a bottle for each of us, but still we wanted to take some with us to the convention the next morning.  Unfortunately, our hotel didn't have a mini fridge! So what did Ana do? She improvised! I put all the bottled in a bag and put them outside our balcony! LOL


Our view from our balcony at the hotel! It was freeeeeezing outside!  But no snow... :(

Our hotel, The Revere's front window.  Isn't that chandelier gorgeous? The hotel was great and everyone there was nice.  The rooms were super clean and I looooooved the air freshener they used inside the lobby.  I have no idea what it was, but it smelled amazing!  


Here we go! On the bus to the convention center! Check out Maribel in the back! LOL

Chayse, me, Maribel, Flo, Damaris, Nicole, Jenna & Leydy

Me and the pretty amazing RUTA SEPETYS!


Sadly those are all the pictures that I was able to take while inside on the first day.  I know, I suck!  I was super annoyed that the post office inside the convention didn't have media mail.  I mean, Chicago and San Francisco had it, I don't understand why they couldn't either.  It turned out to be a mission because every day after the convention we had to get a cab to the post office and ship our books.  Priority is crazy expensive and I wasn't about to spend that kind of money on just postage. 
But here is our haul for that day!


This was on the drive back to our hotel after leaving the post office.  Gorgeous, right?! I love how the fog is on the tippy top of all the buildings.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any snow on our trip.  Well, we did see some, but it was nasty.  You will see what I am talking about. LOL

So later on that night, we decided to head out and get some food!  The forcast said it was going to be raining that night and all day Sunday, so we had to take advantage.  Let me tell you, it sucked!
Remember that really nasty dirty snow I told you about, well, here it is! LOL


We even got to see the real Cheers bar/restaurant! 

Here we are at this restaurant called Dicks. LOL  Yeah, this place is known for their mean, cruel and rude waiters/waitresses.  Oh and they made really funny hats for each of us with a hilarious saying!  Here I am with my BFF, Chayse!


The crew! 

CHEERS!  To books and friendships!

Last Day! Here I am with Marieke Nijkamp! Let me tell you she is a huge Harry Potter fan and we bonded! She also has a pretty badass accent! 


Funny story here.  This was us on a gulfcart inside the convention center.  This really super nice guy gave us a ride when he saw us carrying all our bags and suitcases.  She helped us load them up on the gulfcart and dropped us off at the front!  My back and legs are forever grateful for his generosity! 

After the convention we decided to go out and eat.  We were starving and we wanted to go somewhere nice and maybe go out and walk around.  Thank God it stopped raining because it was looking like we were going to have to order something at our hotel room.  Instead we walked and found this pretty amazing italian restaurant!  My mouth still waters every time I look at these pictures!



The Ritz Carlton

Emerson College

The Revere, our hotel. 


Shout out to my girls Susan Dennard and Veronica Rossi, which I will both see at the end of this month!  I am soooooo excited!
I didn't get to take any pictures on our last day because it was pretty crazy. Again, I am kicking myself in the butt for that, but next time I will be like a paparazzi! Click! Click! Click! 

Peace out Boston, it's been fun!  Until the next time!


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