Meet Our Newest Owl, Aurora!!!!

Hey everyone!  I would like to welcome our newest Owl to our little family!  I have known Aurora for a few years now.  We met at a book signing (shocking I know) at Books & Books in Miami, Florida.  She is passionate about books just as much as us and we are excited to have her on board!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been passionate about writing and books. I remember running to the bookstore to grab the newest R.L. Stine and Sweet Valley High novel and devouring the books in a matter of hours! While currently I am a journalist, teacher and professor, I spend a lot of my much-needed and deserved downtime relaxing and reading books. My favorites include Young Adult and New Adult novels, as well as romance-themed and fantasy-themed reads. I am very excited to share my bookish passions with all of you readers and I am very happy to be an Owl with such an amazing group of ladies!


  1. Congrats Aurora! And to OABR for another Owl! You guys are on fire!!


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