Book Review: Can I See You Again? by Allison Morgan

Can I See You Again?
Title: Can I See You Again?
Author: Allison Morgan
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: August 9, 2016
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Women's Fiction

From the author of The Someday Jar comes a witty and warm novel about a matchmaker who's an expert at matters of the heart - except when it comes to her own. Matchmaker Bree Craxton has a 98% success rate, a book about to hit the stands, and an amazing boyfriend. Until, that is, he gets cold feet about their future and runs from their relationship. Afraid no one will buy a book on love from a woman whose love life is a mess, Bree begs her one matchmaking failure, Nixon Voss, to pose as her boyfriend. But when they become a hit with  readers, they must carry on their charade just a little longer. Fortunately, they're both having fun... But then Bree's ex decides he wants her back and a newspaper presents a challenge that could expose the truth about her rocky love life. Now she must find the courage to embrace what is, or risk losing something much bigger than her reputation: her heart. 
This book was another home run for me! A new-to-me-author, I will now be reading The Someday Jar and any new works that Allison Morgan writes. Can I See You Again? was just a fun, fun book. Of course, I've seen this type of story before - girl has everything going for her, she gets dumped, and for some reason or the other some guy needs to "pose" as her boyfriend. And even though this storyline is recycled, the author's approach made it seem fresh somehow. Part of it is that she is extremely talented at creating witty and sparky banter between the love interests and she's also created a rich backstory for the main characters.

So let's talk about the main characters. There's Bree Craxton. She's a successful matchmaker who's built her own business from the ground up. Bree employs Andrew, the best friend who's been with her for a couple of years. By the sheer fact that she's balancing her personal and professional life, it sets the tone for a strong woman type of character. And then there's her fiancé Sean - who dumps her on the eve of an important PR crusade meant to promote her book that's being published soon (titled the same as this book). The book is a self-help book and is supposed to be a reflection of her skills as a matchmaker so you can just foretell the tension that will ensue now that she's single.

And this is where I also think the author's strengths lies. She's absolutely skilled at building tension. It's just one thing after the other which kept me rooting for Bree the whole time. Then enter Nixon Voss. "Nick" to the public since she is disguising his real identity. He was so swoony and I actually got butterflies reading the scenes between him and Bree as their romantic feelings for each other grew stronger. And one more character that I truly loved was Bree's grandmother, Jo. Jo has taken care of Bree for most of her life and there's a great dynamic between the two and an important backstory which shapes the person Bree has become.

If you're into adult women's fiction and need a fun story with compelling characters and a dreamy love interest, this one is definitely for you. This a perfect read for the end of summer/beginning of fall and I definitely recommend you read it by the pool some time in these last, lazy summer days or inside cozied up, while drinking a pumpkin latte. Happy reading!


  1. Great review! I've wanted to read this since reading its description on a WoW and it sounds like it does not disappoint!

  2. Thanks so much for your review! Glad you enjoyed the book.


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