Movie Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have to an actual theater and seen an actual movie. It felt bewildering because I was thinking to myself of things I was putting to the side to see this movie. However, as soon the film began all things were suddenly pushed aside and here I was taken from my seat on an adventure of a boy and his musical instrument. 

The story follows this young boy, Kubo, as he heads into his neighboring town to tell imaginative stories that seem fictional but are a piece of Kubo's life that he has kept himself hidden from. However, one night forgetting his mother's warning of returning home by nightfall, Kubo releases a spirit and from there his adventure begins. 

Monkey, Beetle, and Kubo all brought something special to the movie. I do have to say that Monkey was by far my favorite character even though Beetle did take the comedy part of the film. 

This for me was not the animated film that I was expecting. I feel for me that there is this constant familiarity when it comes to animated films and for me this wasn't the case. At first I was not sure how I felt about it but sleeping on it, I was glad. Happy. This film brought on a melancholy feeling that resonated with me throughout the film and through the rest of the night. It struck a chord with me and it took me by surprise. 

I do admit the ending did bring about some watery eyes and the way the movie ended was in a content way. A feel good ending. I do not know if this one showing is the end of Kubo for me but it is a film I recommend one go see but without expectations. Go in with a clear head and prepare yourself for a story that can capture your heart. 


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