Blog Tour + Review + Playlist: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

GeekerellaTitle: Geekerella
Author: Ashley Poston
Publisher: Quirk Books
Release Date: April 4, 2017
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher
Format: Hardcover
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary, Retelling

Geek girl Elle Wittimer lives and breathes Starfield, the classic sci-fi series she grew up watching with her late father. So when she sees a cosplay contest for a new Starfield movie, she has to enter. The prize? An invitation to the ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball, and a meet-and-greet with the actor slated to play Federation Prince Carmindor in the reboot. With savings from her gig at the Magic Pumpkin food truck (and her dad’s old costume), Elle’s determined to win…unless her stepsisters get there first. Teen actor Darien Freeman used to live for cons—before he was famous. Now they’re nothing but autographs and awkward meet-and-greets. Playing Carmindor is all he’s ever wanted, but Starfield fandom has written him off as just another dumb heartthrob. As ExcelsiCon draws near, Darien feels more and more like a fake—until he meets a girl who shows him otherwise. But when she disappears at midnight, will he ever be able to find her again? Part romance, part love letter to nerd culture, and all totally adorbs, Geekerella is a fairy tale for anyone who believes in the magic of fandom.

Geekerella solidified my love for Ashley Poston and any story she writes. The last book of hers I read and reviewed was We Own the Night and if you haven't read that one, it's high up on my recommendation list.

This book is what I wish all books which promise a contemporary, summer lovey-dovey (with substance) escape would be and do. Because this one promised and delivered. Poston's characters are just so damn lovable, while providing depth. Elle is so adorable – witty as she is empathetic – and Darien was absolutely the best! Her writing always gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling that smacks a permanent smile on my face the entire time I’m reading.

This is a retell of the classic Cinderella story but was different enough to truly enjoy. The beginning felt very much like the beginning of the tale with the introduction of Elle's classic “step-monster and twin step-sisters” who longs for the days her father was around. She’s also stuck cleaning and shopping and basically serves as their beck and call.

But the backdrop of this one involves the great fandom world and the show Starfield is at the center. It's a show that she got into because of her parents, who actually met while engaged in cosplay. Her father was also the founder of ExcelsiCon, a convention similar to ComicCon, where tributes to the show dates back at least 30 years. So, when they announce that pretty-boy Darien Freeman is supposed to play Carmindor, the title role of the show, Elle is severely disappointed and doesn’t hold back on her blog, Rebelgunner.

A series of unfortunate events leads to Darien and Elle getting to know each other while still remaining anonymous to each other. And as far as retells go, I won't spoil what makes this one unique and fun and just so interesting. Unfortunately, some of the things that occur are a bit predictable as is expected but the twisty way this story was told made it worthwhile for me.

I liked that the book offered diversity in terms of the characters. I loved that Ashley Poston truly wrote this as a love letter to the fandom world and everyone who lives there. Truth be told, I was very touched by her acknowledgements section. It brought back memories of long ago when I wrote a certain corporation to stop them from canceling a certain show. They canceled it anyway and my heart was broken but I remember feeling so passionate about that story that it even affected the clothes I wore and my posture back in high school because I wanted to BE that certain character. Still, after all those years but although not that intense, I'm a fangirl at heart and carry a love for storytelling and worlds created by talented people to this day, 

So thank you Ashley Poston for that reminder! This one hits shelves on April 4 and is perfect for those months leading into summer, especially if you enjoy a great retelling. And don't ever forget to
Ashley Poston

Ashley Poston's fangirl heart has taken her everywhere from the houses of Hollywood screenwriters to the stages of music festivals to geeky conventions (in cosplay, of course). She lives in South Carolina, where she hangs around the internet tweeting at @AshPoston.
Geekerella Playlist 
I always make playlists for my books. The funny thing is, I never listen to them while I’m writing—I wait until I begin to edit the book. It helps me keep the tonal feel and overall mood of the novel, as I shift from one part of my brain (the fun sandbox side) to the other (the puzzle-solving side).
·         Level Up by Vienna Teng. (If Geekerella were ever to become a movie, I would want this to be the ending credits song.)
·         Budapest by Peter Hollens
·         Disaster Hearts by I Fight Dragons
·         Live Your Life by MIKA
·         Go Big or Go Home by American Authors
·         Here’s To The Zeroes by Marianas Trench
·         Oh Cecilia by The Vamps
·         Lonely People by Orla Gartland
·         Figure Me Out by The Summer Set
·         Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight by R5
·         Another Night on Mars by The Maine. (This is Darien’s theme song.)
If you wanna know some of the other songs I listened to while writing Geekerella, you can find the entire playlist here! And you can find my profile with sneak-peaks to my other projects here!
Happy listening, and I hope you enjoy Geekerella!

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  1. Great review! I felt so many of the same things when I read this one. It was so adorable, great supporting characters, and the geek culture/fandom bits were fantastic. I <3 this book.
    Sam @ WLABB

  2. This sounds like such a happy and cute book to escape into when you want to read something light hearted and enjoyable, which is what I often need in between reading my big heavy novels! I also love a good retelling - they are my weakness.


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