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R.I.P. Eliza Hart
Title: R.I.P. Eliza Hart
Author Alyssa Sheinmel
Publication Date: November 28, 2017
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary/Mental Health Issues

When Eliza Hart, the most popular girl at Ventana Ranch boarding school, is found dead on the cliffs outside her dormitory, Ellie Sokoloff is determined to figure out what happened to her. After all, Eliza was Ellie’s childhood best friend.

Never mind that ever since Ellie arrived at school Eliza has spread terrible rumors about her, calling her a liar and a stalker, when all Ellie wanted to do was rekindle their old friendship. Or that Ellie’s claustrophobia limits where she can go and what she can do. Or that Ellie’s suitemate, Sam, is the only one who will help her . . . because to everyone else, Ellie looks like the top suspect.

Can Ellie clear her name and solve the mystery behind Eliza’s death? Her hunt for the truth will uncover secrets she never imagined, sending her deep into her own memories of her childhood with Eliza Hart.

New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Sheinmel delivers a gripping mystery and a sensitive and moving examination of the secrets that can hold us back—and even destroy us.

When I read the description on this book it described myself to a T. When I was a teenager I was always in a depression and mental state. I always heard people talking about how it’s just a clutch and you can get out of this funk. Well, that isn’t the truth. Everyday got harder and harder to get out of bed. When I ended up having a daughter it got even harder because I developed Postpartum Depression. I eventually got back onto my feet and got out of the depression and mental state that I was in for so many years. When I was in that part of my life, there was so many times I thought about Suicide. I didn’t care that I would be leaving my family or my daughter alone because at least I wouldn’t be hurting anymore. This book hit home for me when I first started reading it because of the main characters going through everything that I ever went through. 

I loved the characters because they felt like a family member or a close friend. When I was reading, and learning more about Eliza and Ellie I felt what they felt because I was in their shoes 7 years ago.   I loved the setting because it was based in a Private School.

Everything you knew about Private schools happened in this book. You still had the cliques and still heard all the rumors about classmates. I loved the way the author wrote this story. I have never read anything from this author but the way that she wrote this story it was a fast mover and so intense from the beginning to the very end. I loved the characters from the beginning because you learned about each character and how they were connected to each other in their past lives. 

This book was special to me because of I dealt with the same mental illness that both of their characters dealt. I wouldn’t wish mental illness on anyone. Looking back, I am glad I had my family and my daughter because, I have something to live for.

I was born in Stanford, California, and even though I moved across the country to New York when I was six years old, I still think of myself as a California girl.

Like so many writers, I grew up loving books. I loved stories so much that when there was nothing to read, I wrote my own stories just to give myself something to read. And when there was no pen and paper to be had, I made up stories and acted them out by myself. I played all the parts, and I was never bored. 

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