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Author: Eamonn Hickson
Pub. Date: December 4, 2017
Publisher: Eamonn Hickson
Pages: 338
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Find it: Goodreads

Tormented by dreams and visions from an early age, Emily Dunhurst battled her way through childhood, missed the excitement of teenage years, yet still managed to arrive in her twenties with some shard of sanity.

But, when the Angel of Death appears at her grandmother’s bedside, Emily’s world is remolded in pain and worry. Her ability to see otherworldly creatures is the only way to stop the Creator’s Servant—and save her family.

However, Emily soon finds out that angels are hard to stop.

The night-time staff had grown to ignore her calls. Did the doctors want that? Part of her treatment, cry all the pain out? But the nurses couldn’t understand, the pain did not live inside; it was outside, all around her. 

The walls of her bare room were a brilliant white during the day, a board where Emily hung her dreams, sketched as best she could. Her single bed used to be in the middle of the room until she asked for it to be moved nearer the window. Brushing off the significance of the request, only Emily knew why the bed needed to be moved. It was because of them. Closing her eyes each night, she struggled to keep her mind from thinking about the creatures; they come through the walls. Sliding the bed against the window helped ease her worrying, one less side to watch. 

When Emily first came to the hospital over a year ago, the creatures stopped. She assumed it was because they lost their way and were unable to find her. Exhausting days in the recreation room with all the other kids brought on peaceful sleeps. Daily visits from her grandmother became uneventful, there was nothing to tell, just how they both wanted it to be. Drawing competitions with the other girls became the main event as Emily started to forget why she was there in the first place. 

However, the competitions stayed the same, but the girls kept changing. With each visit from her grandmother, Emily used to ask when she would be set free. Gran brushed off her requests with a smile, yet with each visit Emily would ask again, begging for some tiny crumb of hopeful information. The drawings, her grandmother replied. They were keeping her here. 

Over the following hours, Emily destroyed every picture she had ever sketched. It became clear why the kids never voted for her drawings; they did not understand them. Where the girls painted flowers, blue skies and birds, Emily painted her old nightmares. Black, stringy creatures with curled talons dominated every drawing. Red eyes peering through dark walls became her stamp. Horror turned into art. Frantically, she drew all the things that young girls were supposed to draw and hung them on her wall, waiting for the doctor to take notice and send her home. But, what was destroyed on her drawings came to life again in her room.

Eamonn Hickson is an Irish author. He released his first novel, The History Maker, in December 2012.

He has undertaken a number of creative writing, and writing for print courses recently.

His second novel, Angel of Death, was released in December 2013.

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