Book Review: Roomies by Christina Lauren

RoomiesTitle: Roomies
Author: Christina Lauren
Publication Date: December 5, 2017
Publisher: Gallery Books
Pages: 368
Format: e-ARC
Source: Publisher:
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Marriages of convenience are so…inconvenient.
Rescued by Calvin McLoughlin from a would-be subway attacker, Holland Bakker pays the brilliant musician back by pulling some of her errand-girl strings and getting him an audition with a big-time musical director. When the tryout goes better than even Holland could have imagined, Calvin is set for a great entry into Broadway—until he admits his student visa has expired and he’s in the country illegally.
Holland impulsively offers to wed the Irishman to keep him in New York, her growing infatuation a secret only to him. As their relationship evolves from awkward roommates to besotted lovers, Calvin becomes the darling of Broadway. In the middle of the theatrics and the acting-not-acting, what will it take for Holland and Calvin to realise that they both stopped pretending a long time ago?

I don't even know where to begin with this review.  I can't tell you just how much I adored Roomies. It was perfect! I would have read it all in one day, but you know, life, work and kids tend to cut my reading time. LOL  But I did read it in 2 days! LOL  So I still read it pretty fast. 

I am going to do something a little different with this review because I honestly feel like I need to share everything I love about this book. 

Is there romance? Yes, Yes, YES! And the one thing that I love the most is that it's not that insta-love I despise. I can't stand when characters just magically fall madly in love with one another. Infatuation, lust, yes, but I don't think it's called love.  Holland was lusting for Calvin big time when she first met him in the subway while playing his guitar, but Calvin had no idea. When she had her little "accident" in the subway that made their two world's collide, is when the wheels we set in motion for any type of feelings.  

For some reason, I have a soft spot for secondary characters.  In this case I fell madly in love with Holland's uncles.  Their love for their niece is unconditional and I just love them as a couple.  They are the sweetest and cutest and I wish they were real so we could be BFFs!

Calvin and Holland are perfect. They are meant to be together. I just had so many emotions and feelings going through me when they were "almost" together. I swear it's like they were teasing me. lol The sexual tension was very present and I was cheering them on from the sideline. lol

So, if you are looking for a fast-paced book with memorable characters, that will stay with you even after weeks of finishing the book, then Roomies is the book for you! Get it for yourself and/or give it as a gift to someone who love it too!    


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