Book Review: Moonlight Sins by Jennifer L. Armetrout

Moonlight Sins (de Vincent, #1)Title: Moodlight Sins
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publication Date: January 30, 2018
Publisher: Avon Books
Pages: 400
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback ARC
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Julia Hughes has always played it safe until she learned a very painful lesson. Now Julia’s starting over with a job in the Louisiana bayou—and a scorching encounter with a stranger, only to discover he’s Lucian de Vincent . . . her new employer. The de Vincent brothers share a massive fortune and a dark reputation. Julia cares for their troubled sister, but a menacing presence in the mansion—and the ever-present temptation of Lucian—prove dangerously distracting.
Lucian’s grandmother claimed de Vincent men fall in love once—and hard. Apparently, it’s Lucian’s turn. Julia’s compassionate care of his twin makes Lucian want to lay himself bare. But some secrets are better for Julia not to know.
The recent “suicide” of Lucian’s father is the latest in a string of deaths on the estate. Someone is eliminating the de Vincents. And the best way to get to Lucian may be through Julia.

I finished reading Moonlight Sins a few days ago before writing my review and I am still conflicted with the story and what I should rate it. Did I love it? No. (sad face) Was it entertaining? Yes. Would I read book two, to see what will happen next? Sure. I have so many questions that weren't answered and I think that really played a roll. *sigh* I had such high hopes and wanted to love it so much. I mean, it's Jennifer Lynn Armentrout! I love ALL her books!

As I read, I kept getting a paranormal feel, but even though they spoke of ghosts and family curses, it still didn't go the way I thought it would. I kinda wish it had though.

One of the many things I love about Jenn's books is her secondary characters. I love them just as much as the main ones, and at times, even more. But Midnight Sins, is just different. I couldn't connect with the characters. Any of them, to be honest.

I did enjoy the love connection between Julia and Lucian, especially their banter. LOL Jen is the queen of writing great banter. LOL I also appreciated that it wasn't insta-love too. That is one of my  biggest pet peeves. There were a bunch of times where I swooned and laughed. LOL Lucian is special like that. LOL 

I also loved the fact that I couldn't figure out "who did it." I had my suspicions, but wasn't convinced. So kudos for keeping me guessing until the very end! LOL

Please don't feel discouraged because of my review. Not everyone has the same taste in books, so even though I didn't love Moonlight Sins, that doesn't mean you won't either. Give it a chance and let me know what you thought! 

Happy Reading!


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