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Author: M. Black
Pub. Date: March 15, 2018
Publisher: CREATIVIA
Pages: 332
Formats: Paperback, eBook


In our future, robots known as Tins keep us protected from the floods, fires and diseases of the outside in what are called Compounds. But when the Tins become more our masters than protectors, humans rebel. Lexi019 is turning eighteen, and will then be sent into what Tins call the Electric Gardens. Since no one ever returns from the Electric Gardens, Lexi019 is desperate to escape. With her best friend Kyle53 and his sister, the three of them find an unlikely friendship that helps them escape. But not everything is what it seems in this Robotic Dystopia, and soon Lexi019 will be faced with hard decisions she never anticipated. Join Lexi019 and Klye53 in this four part Robotic Dystopia set in a future that could one day be our own.

M.Black is Ami Blackwelder and writes for the brand ENTER TOMORROW. She is a Montessori teacher, helps the deaf and hard of hearing, is an avid Pescetarian, believer in animal rights and wildlife conservation, and a lover of books. she is the author of the never-before-seen-concept Animal Graph, and dubs herself the 'Robot Girl' since many of her stories revolve around robots and A.I. She has a Siamese cat names LOTUS from Thailand when she was an educator there and he show sup in all her robot books. She adopted a cat named Ash in the States who also shows up in all of her robot books. She loves reading on Kindle Unlimited and only buys paperback. She enjoys many vegetarian dishes like veggie lasagna and four bean chili. She also likes watching movies, gardening, the beach, and hanging out with friends. Of course most of the time you will find her at home, pounding away at her computer. 

What were your biggest challenges in writing Electric Gardens? 

Gosh, trying to get into the heads of the Tins. Especially one in particular. What is it thinking? What are its motives? I found this to be one of the challenges in writing Exotiqa as well which is actually told in part from a robot’s point of view. Most robot stories don’t have first-person narrative from a robot, so Exotiqa explores that POV.

Do you have any must haves while you’re writing? 

I love tea, my bed. My porch. Quiet is a must. I don’t like to play too mush music while writing like many writers do. I find I get engaged in the song too much and forget my story. 

Besides writing, do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love to binge TV shows like Lost, Medium, Monk, Electric Dreams (which was titled after my title Electric Gardens) and I love to read books on KU like The Culling or The Girl Who Dared to Think. I’m reading The Authority now. I also love to cook and buy local from Amish much of the time. I make a killer four bean veggie chili. 

Do you know how a story is going to end when you start it?  

Is it easier to figure out the beginning or the ending of a book/series? I always know the ending before I start all my stories. It makes the writing that much more enjoyable. On a slow day, I’m like but I have to get there, to that end moment I saw in my head. I find beginnings happen naturally after I know the ending. 

Do you have any big plans for your release day? 

Yes, I plan to email my readers to leave reviews of the ARC they’ve read and to alert bloggers. I’m advertising on Book Barbarian. I have a big promo that is supposed to happen a month later on goodreads and various websites. Hopefully that pans out well and garnishes many reviews. Robin Reads will hopefully pick up an ad for the book then as well. 

Short Answers:

Something you might not know about me is: 

I am mostly vegetarian, except for some fish.

The best part of my day is: 

Morning, when it is filled with possibilities.

Favorite book quote: 

Okay, it is from Electric Gardens;) “The sun, the Earth is stronger than I am. The world burns a crimson color against charcoal blacks and in that moment I realize it is more powerful than me—stronger than all of us—the humans, the Tins, all of it. If we all die here today, the Earth could go on—would go on. The Earth would birth new life, a fresh start, in all of its diversity. This gives me a kind of peace as I look up through my Vision Grid at the magnitude of enemy Tins.”

Write at night or write during the day? 

Usually during the day, but sometimes at night.

Write in silence or write with music? 

Silence most often.

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