Picture Book Review: Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don't Do Bedtime

Penguin and Tiny Shrimp Don't Do BedtimeTitle: Penguin & Tiny Shrimp Don't Do Bedtime
Author: Cate Berry & Charles Santoso (Illustrator)
Release Date: May 8th, 2018
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Pages: 32
Age Group: Children - any ages
Genre: Picture book

Penguin and Tiny Shrimp DO NOT have a bedtime story to share with you.

There are no soft beds or cozy covers here. There are fireworks! And shark-infested waters!!

This book will never make you sleepy. Not at all. Not even a little. . .

Penguin and Tiny Shrimp will charm, amuse, but never put you to sleep in this meta bedtime tale in the vein of Goodnight Already.

This book was so fun to read! My littles and I both were chuckling throughout the whole book as Penguin and Tiny Shrimp try to stay awake with so many activities. This is one of the books we have laughed the most with. Here are some photos to show why we had so much fun. (It was really hard not to take more, because each page was just as fun as the last).

One of the most fun aspects is the relatibility of the story, I mean, most kids can relate to stalling bedtime and the claim that "I'm not tired". The drastic ways that Penguin and Tiny Shrimp try to avoid bedtime is so fun, and humorous. 
Not only were the words fun and humorous, so were the illustrations. Every spread is colorful and there is so much to look at, that even my littlest little, who couldn't quite understand the humor, loved looking at the pictures. 

I, and my littles, loved the variety of each page. We never knew what was going to come next and the variety and vastness of the story definitely held even my littlest little's attention. I also loved that the book had a little joke in it. 
If you're kiddos or any kiddos in your life enjoy Mo Willems, the Pigeon series or Elephant and Piggy, then I think they would definitely love this book! We sure do!


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